Castaway on The Moon

This is one of Korean movie I like most. Usually, I don’t watch Korean movies if there’s no one give me recommendation. Thanks to Iyan for this recommendation.
The story is very simple: it’s like Tom Hanks’ Castaway. Someone drifted on an island and he can’t get out. Unluckily, the island is not in the middle of nowhere, it’s between two cities and in the middle of a river.
KIM Seung-Keun (Jae-Yong Jeoung) is a man who lost his life: have a lot of debts, broke with his girlfriend, and lose his job. He decides to kill himself by jumping out to the river. Unfortunately, he fails to suicide. He drowns but ended in the bank of the island. When he’s awaking, he found out that he is in nobody’s island but he can see the view of the city. He tries to ask for help but he just got zero result. Nobody believes or really knows that he drifted on the island in the middle of river.
As story goes on, he decides to survive in the island by making food, house, and S.O.S word like HELP. There’s no one replies his word. But somewhere between the tall buildings, there’s a girl who incidentally see the S.O.S. word. Her name is KIM Jeong-Yeon (Ryeo-won Jeong).She is a self-isolating girl. She doesn’t make any contact to human directly for 3 years. Her life is just in the room with PC inside. She just socializes herself with computer. She believes that she lives in the world alone. She likes loneliness. She pretends to be anyone who she likes in the internet. Until she knows about the SOS word.

When she saw KIM for the first time, she thinks that he is an alien because KIM acts strangely in the island. She starts to interest with this guy. She takes the guy’s pictures from her room every day. She wants to know what is the guy’s doing every time. She tries to make contact by making message in the bottle and that is the way they make communication: the man writing at the sand and the girl send him message in the bottle.
He begins to enjoy his life in the island. He starts to make a farm just to make noodles. He feels he own that island. His happiness in the island ended when Life Guard comes to the island to make a cleaning. He’s arrested and return to the city. The girl feels guilty because before he gets arrested, he asked her name but she haves not courage to tell the truth. Finally, he decides to kill himself from 63 building, but in the middle of his way, he meets with the girl….
Yap, the story is so simple. I see a good acting from the actor and the actress. He can play his role well. I like this movie because I found courage from a selfish person. Someone who wants anything as they want but they don’t want others to touch their life, encouraged by one man to change their life completely.

 note: this post taken from my blog at Multiply


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