Dream and Ambition

Everyone have their own dreams. I do have dreams. One of my dreams is being brand manager. This job is my dream job. Being a brand manager is like being a parent growing a child. We put all of our effort to make our child the best in the world. There’s no parents want their child being the last in this life.

Actually, I already am a brand manager. You will see the brand on the footer of this blog. I already have two children: Akazaru and Kurusetra. Both of them are under my responsibility. Their growing is my success. I do hope that they’re growing fast and big. I don’t care if they’re getting obese. 😀

The goodness behind brand manager understands completely how to creating, develop, and deliver the best of the brand. You may replace the brand as your child, your life, your business, anything! When you’re good at managing brand, you must be good at other growing-related things.

I declared this as one of my ambitions. This ambition makes me more alive and life with purpose. What about your ambitions?


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