Life Within The Community

God’s way always makes me astonished. Every time I made my own path, He suggests, recommends, and sometimes forces me to walk on His path. In this present, I believe I stand in His path, and I called it the community path.

My real social life started when I was at high school. Back then, I was a Japanese culture lover which not really popular at that time. Some of my friend thought that I am weird or different. Well, that’s me until present. I found my fellows who have same interest with me at the last year of my high school time. At that time, my world seems more alive and colorful. I found my true world. The journey started since that time.

Time goes by and so does my interest. I love not only Japanese culture, but also analogue photography and classic scooter. Analogue photography came to me since I was introduced by my friend about plastic camera. The classic scooter is the magical one. My granddad has a smallframe classic scooter. When he passed away, no one cares about it. So I took care of it, manage it into a lovable one and thanks to the scooter community, I completely falling love with classic scooter.

The academic life seems have same sound with my personal life. My major study at university was branding and marketing communication. I learned much about brand and how it affected human life, as well as the community. I took brand community as my subject for my thesis. When I wrote my thesis, there are lacks of book references about brand community, but the evidence are lots. With some theory and more facts, I succeeded finish my thesis about brand community.

As I mentioned above, it seems the God asks me to stay at the community path. Now I started working at community-based company which I believe everyone must be known the brand. Though I am newbie at this field, the community itself encourages me to know more and loving more than before. It was a honor for me to serving people and be among them within one factual identity.


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