Sum of All Fear

A good discussion at a facebook group lead my thought about something what we called “merantau di ibukota”. Everyone must agree that Jakarta is the most crowded and busy city in this nation. Some people believe that Jakarta offers better opportunity and prosperity than in the county. The discussion tells about is it worth to work in Jakarta or not. Well, since most of the member are sane people, they are not choose Jakarta as their first destination for earn a living. In this case, I might be considered as insane person.

Since I was in college, I dislike Jakarta. I always think that Jakarta is sum of all fear. So many bad things happened in this city as television tells from their news. It’s true that almost everyday people living under fear. There are a lot of things that considered scaring things: robbery, bullying, unhealthy foods, pollution, corruption bureaucracy, and many more. Short story, Jakarta is the big no-no working destination for me. I seek for alternative promising city such as Surabaya (later I knew that Surabaya is 11-12 with Jakarta) and Bandung. I don’t know why in the end my findings lead me to Jakarta. So, here I am: being Jakartan in no time.

Chance to get better living is one reason why I choose to stay in Jakarta. But the utmost thing is, I have my best of the best friend here. This is a big thing because I’m not sure I can survive if I live alone. My best friend always ensures me that living in Jakarta is not that bad. Since I have him, I can’t more disagree. My daily life is no different that common Jakartan people: departing in early morning and arrived home at night. Every day I face gridlock and I ate same foods everyday (‘coz the others are worse).

What’s the big deal?

The deal is I get new story for my life. I get new friends, working mate, and new adventure (for me every day is an adventure day). I won’t ask more if I get enough. Living in Jakarta trains me to live under situation. I believe, if I can survive here, I must able to survive in another place.
In the end, I never want having family in Jakarta. I will save my money to build living in my origin county.


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