Love doesn’t need a thing. The relationship does.

Everyone must know a famous proverb: “Love is blind” or “Love doesn’t need a thing”. I can’t more agree with them. As far as I know, Love is costless and priceless. Since we’re born into this world, we get the most love from our parents, especially Mom. When we becoming adult, we aware about mating. We seek for the best mate for our entire life. I believe mating involves love. No such a thing can last forever if there’s no love in it. But relationship is a different thing. Relationship indeed needs love to lasting, but we need a lot of logical reasons to keep the relationship. When you’re not using your logic, then you’re merely slave of love (polite words to say “You’re completely dumbfuck”).

A small example when you’re not considering logical reason is bored. In relationship sometimes we face boringness. We encounter a moment when we feel “there’s no burning desire” or “there’s no intimate feeling” with our mate. We think that we can’t do anything to fix the boringness than end the relationship. I say, you must need a good communication.

No man’s having life without problem. To fix the problem, first thing you must do is communicate. When you get the point of your problem (and related persons too), you all get same basic point. From that point, you can collaborate to solve the problem or let the problem worse or (even worse) do nothing and assume the other person will be fix the problem.

Relationship also can’t escape from problems. All that you need is communicate and collaborate. It sounds very logical. Share some viewpoints and alternative solution. When you’ve been put all of your effort into it and nothing comes better, then you must decide: endure your pain or get out immediately. I believe, the decision been made based on some consideration. It doesn’t mean both of them are not in love anymore (you must have been seen a lot of people still love each other even they were divorced).

So, don’t be afraid to decide the best for your life. Don’t be afraid you lose your feeling. Just be rational and logical, ‘coz you live your own life rationally.


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