Life Staking Everyday

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Being middle class in Jakarta surely hard. You must put stake on your own life everyday. You may think that I’m overrated. But I tell it literally.

If you ever heard that Jakarta is dangerous, I tell you: it’s true. Every day you spend your life in Jakarta means you’re ready to get and lose something in your life. When you’re working, every steps that takes you from your home or flat to your office is about staking your life. In the morning, you must wake up early, so you can catch public transportation. If you’re late just 15 or 30 minutes you will be trapped in the sea of man. You must put all of you concentration and attention in order not to get stolen. The worst thing, the bad people using sort of magic that we called it “gendam” so you will completely obeying any word spoken by those bad people. Nowadays, those bad people using blade or even gun to threaten the victims. If you have some money, you could have a motorcycle and everything will be comfortable. Wait. It’s not as easy as it looks. If you choose to riding a motorcycle, you must get prepared to facing small accidents: either hitting someone or to be hit. Any small accident can lead you to serious fight and even gun shoot threatening, as it is shown at Palmerah incident. If you’re rich enough to have a car, you may half-relieved. But your danger as big as riding motorcycle. People in the road always think they’re right. They don’t care if they’re not obeying road sign and traffic rules. Just because you hitting them (even they’re fine and none scratch), you’re eligible become their anger target.

So you have learned that you are not safe both at the road and the house. Maybe the one and only solution is make yourself rich bastard and building a fortress, instead of home sweet home. There’s nothing sweet if you’ve been robbed within.


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