Achieve Something!

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People often said, “Life starts from 40”. If you really start your life at 40, then you’re already dead in 30. The ideal mind-growing starts at high school. In the college the mind is already mature so when you start to work, you have something to be pursued. Something that makes you alive and then starts enjoy your life at 40. I realized that I still student-minded: I will be fine as long as I make no mistakes. This article changes my way of thinking. It is true that I will fine as long as no shit happened on me. But shit already happened on me. There’s no way I can get proper life if I just work as now. I should hack my own life. Company does hire someone to fill a position (in other way, you just become a “nut” at big machine), but some company acknowledge achievements and rewarding person who get it. I can’t make sure that I can get some reward from my current company, but I have a big believe that someday they will. All that I must do is achieving something.

Just like this morning, when I browse something from twitter, I found this. Well, I can’t blame they have such narrow minded, but reality talks different way. You will not get an expected wage if you have no experience. Fresh graduate will be fresh graduate, unless you have special skill on “diplomacy” and “networking”. That’s why network is more valuable than every buck you received from your salary. The reality will be soft on you, if you’re already hard work for experience and achieve something. At least, this is what I really believe (not to mention lucky bastards).


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