Life of Pi: A Lifetime Journey

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It’s been quite a while since I found a good movie that moves both my mind and my feeling. Storytelling: the one that challenges person to convince, believe, and follow his perspective.  Life of Pi not only excels it, but also amazed with its cinematic view in entire movie. A story that makes me shivers and shed a tear of joy silently. A movie that makes me thinks over and over and finally…mind fuck.

Life of Pi tells about a young Indian name Piscine Molitor Patel (later he changed his name as Pi Patel) as a son of three religions (Hindu, Christianity, Islam), with his will, dragged into tragedy, a lifetime journey in the midst of vast ocean, and terrific story. His life full of impossibility, with a sneak of lucky, and crossing fate implies animals such as zebra, orang utan, hyena, and the ultimate predator, Bengal Tiger. In the end, Life of Pi offers alternate story that makes more sense for common people. We are on our own decision now: whether believe in all impossibility or stay in the ground of logic and rationality.

For me personally, Life of Pi reminisces my childhood: always wondering other religions, what if I become part of them. Once, I really want to be a Buddhist, just because I agree with Siddharta Gautama’s teaching about life and love. It tells about faith and doubt. That doubt should be carried as long as you have faith. Doubt creating power to believe more than ever. But the best quote from this movie is: “All of life is an act of letting go but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye”.

That’s the philosophical aspect from Life of Pi, not to mention how wonderful the cinematic in 3D picture. Ang Lee succeeds creating a movie that mind fucking, eyes unblinking, and unforgettable sensation of the music scoring. Now, it’s time to enjoy the original story, a Yann Martel novel, with the same title. Ready to be mind fucked for the second time in more intimate way….


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