Some recent events answer my big question about myself. A question that somehow quite disturbing, since I was at the contrary in the childhood. Why I tend to less talkative when talking about my life?

In the past, I was a talkative person. My friends even call me as ‘too much talking’ boy. I took comment over anything in front of me. In some matters I do talkative, but one thing that makes me joy. I love listening. I love listening someone story. I enjoy when someone tells a lot of things. I don’t really mind whether their talk worthy or not. Every human has rights to have their own story, and somehow I always find their story interesting.

Actually I still talkative person. Most of the time, I am talking with myself. I spend a lot of time talking in my mind. Mostly I won’t share to anyone because I don’t think my talk’s valuable, or maybe I don’t think anyone will understand better. Instead talking about my life, I love most listening someone’s story.

With this passion, I should be a good reporter/ journalist, am I? But I don’t want to. Let all of this things kept in my mind, filled my memory cabinets on my brain. Let my mind mindfucked by myself.


One thought on “Listening

  1. Yea, somehow the effects impact of being someone less talkactive is, a mysterious image. You make ppl curious about story behind yours. But listening is a joyful activity, i can’t agree anymore. We might found their another personality described by words they said. And we may see many point of views of their story. Favorite post of the year 🙂

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