One Step to Freedom


I love journeys. I enjoy every detail of my journey. I often amazed of brand new things and this tingling in my mind. Make me playing with my imagination. I must admit I am not adventurer. I have limitation of physical and financial aspects, but I always have destination to go. A place where the one left is just myself.

A moment lead me to faraway country: United States. Even I couldn’t imagine before. I just Singapore as my destination this year, but it seems the universe brings me to somewhere out of my imagination. I just walk into it. With no overseas experience at all ( I don’t count going to Australia when I was child), I go on behalf company service.

I amazed on anything. In the aircraft (SQ’s in flight entertainment, food, and beverage are excellent), on the land of United States, amazed with the nature, the human, and all of their uniqueness. I even amazed with food portion that beyond normal portion in Indonesia. You may called me “ndeso” of this. I wear a blangkon (Javanese traditional hat) when I have duty visiting office.

There are a lot of stories to tell. But I will keep it later.

This journey is one step to freedom. I feel free to walk, free to feel, and free to think. I can’t wait for the next adventure and new experience, playing with my mind and imagination. I want to go to Japan, Italy, England, and Europe continent. I just can’t wait, but let the universe manage it happen.

I may be tired, this body might be wrecked up, but this desire never go out to keep walking, see new things and meet infinite a lifetime experience.


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