To Be With Me

When the last time you enjoy with yourself personally? How many time you spend to chase what you’ve dreamed of or you waste for another’s success?

Those two questions might help you when you feel anxious with your life, or maybe your universe. The galaxy doesn’t give a damn for a node in its cosmic. Whether you’ve troubled or happy, all particles keep moving. And they moving constantly to infinity. So where are you? Do you keep busying yourself with money and luxury?

Some says “I feel lonely. Nobody wants me”. That’s the saddest word I’ve ever heard. Don’t you aware that you always have yourself? Why you ignore it? Life probably cruel to you, or you haven’t met the most suitable social circle. Yet you always have yourself.

Take a time. Listen to yourself. Smile, cry, and despair together until you’ve satisfied. Then you move to your daily life.


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