Keep Writing!

I often get a writer’s block. No idea at all, or worse, good idea in a bad time (on the traffic, for example). When I get a good time to write, I don’t know to write at all. Silly thing: have a simple mind but sometimes over thinking and not saving them or put into words.

My friend, a comic writer says, if you busy talking other or commenting, you actually do nothing. Being commentator only worthy at soccer match in TV (even the audience actually don’t give a shit about the comments).

All the lessons I’ve learned about how to make a good writing slowly faded since I’ve seldom using it. Most of my time spend watching movies, and commenting over it, taking some lesson (that actually not really useful, since they are fiction anyway).

I will post more writings, even the shittiest one. Feel free to walk in or walk away from my blog. I do really hope my words have meaning to you (or just spend your another minutes). Ta-ta.


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