Truck Hitch Hiker

Young Terrorist (Source:
Young Terrorist

If you ever passing truck-route in Jakarta, you will see an uncommon view, dangerous, but widespread in greater area: Truck Hitch Hike. A band of kids or teen stopping truck or pick-up car to get a free ride, following the truck route. The odd way is they stopping the truck in the middle of the highway. Sometimes it makes traffic jam (or if it jammed already, making it worse) and dangerous.

This acts reminiscing me of action movies, which inflicting some kind of tropical terrorist. Stopping a truck, not only checking the load, sometimes hi-jack or taking over the truck. So I called this punks young terrorist. They’re not only making the road more dangerous, more jamming, and making the truck driver uneasy. Imagine if accident happened involving this young terrorist, the driver will be interrogated by the authorities, also men are prohibited seating other than car/ truck cabin.

So I recommend not to give the young terrorist hitch hike to any kind of vehicle for the sake of safety. If you find a group of young terrorist try to stop a truck, please contact to nearest authorities (Police or DLLAJR).



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