Fishing Fun

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When I was in Jogja, I’ve never had fishing. First thing, my family never fishing and the second thing no one ever taught or “poisoning” me to fish. The one who taught and force me to know about fishing is my best friend whom becomes my roommate now.

He succeeds to force me enjoying fishing, and I must admit, fishing is fun. I love most fishing at the sea. It’s like challenge my skill and my luck in the same thing. I don’t like fishing at ponds or man-made lake. Both of them are so boring because all you need is just waiting and waiting. When you’re fishing at the sea, you must put your entire energy wait, bait, and even pull and release. You can’t just pull to get the fish. But the most interesting for me is eating the fish that succeed to be bait. I don’t care if I get nothing, as long my friend get some fish. 🙂

Indonesia has a lot angler. If you noticed in the road, you will see people who use boot shoes and carrying fishing equipment such as fishing rod. They are hardcore anglers whom fishing in any possible place to fish. They’re just a small parts of angler community in Indonesia.

I was thinking fishing is good for everyone. Fishing is good for anglers, for seller, and for water ecosystem. Fishing is not like catching fish with net or even bomb (pukat). Fishing makes you to get fish as much as you really needed (you won’t hundreds of sardines in one time, right?). I asking to myself, why ministry of fishery never promotes or makes campaign about fishing? Indonesia is a maritime country. Indonesian territory consists of water. It means there are a lot of fish that more than enough to be fished. As I mentioned above, fishing is much better than catching with net or even bomb. Beside, fishing is a kind of sport. There is a lot of fishing competition in nationwide or even international. It means fishing is a valuable hobby (and job for some people). From fishing, we can learn how to preserve the nature, especially water ecosystem.

It would be nice if fishing is promoted by ministry of fishery. From fishing, ministry of fishery can empower small and medium enterprises (UKM) that produce and sell fishing equipment. Fishing also creates a lot of fishing ponds. The fishing ponds can be part of hatchery to prevent fish extinction.