tomodachi wa itsumo koko ni aru

now, it’s because the aceh coffee that i drink i can’t sleep at all. i keep waiting for someone who want to talk with me but i don’t find a single one.

i start to play the music player and i find my favourite song from SPITZ: Hotaru. i don’t even know the meaning of this song, but i feel some kind of deep meaning from this song. Hotaru means Firefly. i imagine that life is short just like firefly. sometimes i have so many friends scatter around me. we have time together, but just one night. sometimes i don’t find anyone and i just sailing this world by myself.

i found that this song is my companion when i feel lonely. i can feel the loneliness, but i also get the spirit to stand up against loneliness. as i said in my status, friends take important part of my life (i think you must have same opinion). all of my life i spend to find my best friend, and i realized that actually i have unforgettable treasure. i still have my best friends since i’m in secondary school. i still have my colleagues. i still have family. when i think about this, i don’t feel lonely anymore. because i still have YOU.

so, that’s my story thinking of YOU as my friend. you know, even you don’t have a close relationship with me, i still consider you as my friend whatever it will be. because i always keep friendship as i keep my own treasure.

note: this posting taken from my former blog at Multiply