Greeting and Introduction

Hola! This is my personal blog. Previously, I’ve blogged at Multiply. I moved here because Multiply become an e-commerce and I think their blog is just side dish. I hope WordPress will be the best home for my writings. Please don’t hesitate to give any comments, critics, or contact if you have to say or share something. 🙂

I named this blog Woles Lane. It come from inverted Indonesian word, “selow”. It means slow. The Woles Lane represent my way to look this world of life. Slow lane mostly dedicated for pedestrian and cyclist whose run slower than motorbike or car. In the slow lane, I can see the surrounding’s details. When I interested in something, I just stop for a while and pay attention on it.

I believe that everything in this world have meanings. You will discover the meaning if you don’t rush and pay attention. Even you might to stop doing anything but looking on it. That’s the spirit of Woles Lane.

I know that my English is bad. So I will use this blog to improve my English skill and create interesting stories. Again, please don’t hesitate to critic and correct me if I am wrong.