Me With Smoking

Pusing ga kalau di-fogging di muka kayak gini?

Today I’ve got headache. It came so fast, like a thunder, in the middle of event gathering. This headache really painful even I must sleep a while. I’ve never experienced this headache for the last six months. When I try to identify the cause, I strongly believe it because the smoke of cigarette. Some guest at the gathering are smoking in air conditioned room.

The pain makes me remembering that I really hate smoke, yet I was a smoker in the past day. I already stopped smoking completely in six months. Before, I am a social smoker, never buy a pack of cigarette, sometimes asking one or two to my friends. And then decided to stop at all. Not only for health but also it wasting my money (because I never spend for it regularly), and the last reason is preparing good habit to be good man and dad.

Back to headache, I instantly blame the smoke for causing so much pain. But then I am thinking again; could it be the effect of detoxify since I never smoke anymore? The body is rejecting the poison of smoking so much that alerting me through headache, so I must get out from the room and breathe fresh air.

I try to turn the hate into complete awareness that my body works well against poison. So my mind not thinking only about dislike of smoke, but how I can overcome it. I really enjoy this moment; my mind transition from bad thought into rational and mindful thought.

About the recent popular smoking things called vape/ vapor, I disagree as a replacement for cigarette. It also applied to shisha which was popular earlier and now declined. The difference between vape & shisha and cigarette only the ingredient, but both of them are created chemically. Even if the cigarette are made purely from tobacco, you probably don’t know the ingredients of the paper. Although the smell is better than cigarette, vape & shisha made completely chemical. I don’t really want another chemical things into my body, the artificial ingredients of food & beverage will enough to kill me slowly.